Avahi: Delivering Impactful Cloud Migration Journeys

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Jack Singh, Founder
The significance of cloud adoption has skyrocketed since the pandemic as organizations recognize the value of having a highly scalable data infrastructure in an ever-evolving business landscape. Even so, many enterprises are still at the beginning stage of implementation, struggling to reap the inherent benefit of the cloud. This is a prevalent problem as most companies migrating to the cloud utilize their in-house staff that often lacks the expertise to manage an effective and rapid cloud migration.

Enter Avahi, a professional services company that leverages its AWS partnership to provide robust and seamless cloud migration. Avahi employs a developmental approach of working backward from a challenge and follows the same leadership principles and mechanisms as AWS. This proposition allows a more efficient and focused product development process with a clear end goal.

“We spend time working with all stakeholders, understanding the desired result, not just regarding the technical aspect, but the business outcome for long and short term,” says Jack Singh, founder of Avahi.

Avahi informs clients on the best strategy to transition their operations to the cloud and its rationale, allowing C-suites to better understand the imminent benefits of leveraging cloud infrastructure. Customers are thoroughly informed about the benefits and drawbacks of the decisions it makes on their behalf, facilitating an informed choice.

Avahi supports various migration strategies and aids businesses in refactoring their apps for scalable cloud operation. For client engagement, Avahi accurately sets up relevant processes and establishes a governance layer with its project management prowess to ensure a smooth migration. For large-scale migration projects, it employs the lift-and-shift approach, shifting legacy applications to the AWS virtual servers. Once the client is up and running on virtual servers, the following optimization phase includes adopting more cloud-native technologies and serverless architecture. This strategy expands the possibilities for cloud scalability while significantly lowering costs for the client as they only pay for the resources utilized.

One of Avahi’s differentiating aspects is the assessment phase, where it sets up a workshop between an organization’s technical and business stakeholders to enlighten them on the challenges migration will solve for them.
During this phase, the company uses in-house tools to assess a client’s migration readiness. Avahi transfers all servers, data, and other configurations from existing on-premise computer infrastructure to AWS using its migration readiness tools in conjunction with CloudEndure’s no-downtime database migration service. Avahi also utilizes software offered by AWS to collect data from existing environments and servers. It then gauges how efficiently these servers communicate with each other, their interdependencies, and traffic patterns. After this evaluation, Avahi works closely with client stakeholders to define the desired cloud architecture and infrastructure footprint. It also aligns its services based on specifications to address the different aspects of cloud infrastructure, like scalability, cost optimization, reliability, security, and operational excellence.

We spend time working with all stakeholders, understanding the desired result, not just regarding the technical aspect, but the business outcome for long and short term

Recently, Avahi assisted an agtech startup in implementing machine learning technology to solve pesticide-related issues across farms. The client wanted to create a plant picture recognition model capable of identifying disease-causing pollens and providing recommendations on the specific crops that must be skipped during pesticide spraying processes. The firm collected over a million pictures of plants and analyzed them to train the machine learning model. However, a lack of computing power required training the machine learning model and the cost-related challenges of keeping the computers up and running all the time created prevalent bottlenecks. To solve this challenge, Avahi provided access to AWS’s massive computing power and helped the customer cut down their training time from four days to a few hours, driving significant cost savings.

Moving forward, as businesses continue adopting the cloud to do more with less, Avahi is perfectly poised to help its clients achieve their cloud migration goals in a highly impactful and scalable manner.


San Francisco, CA

Jack Singh, Founder

Avahi understands how AWS works internally, enabling it to provide seamless cloud migration. Avahi is formed on the same leadership principles as well as mechanisms of AWS and employs a developmental approach of working backwards from a customer challenge.